Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Silverspam.net admin riper

I make these blog to inform user who do not have many information for these site and want to be vip there.After paying vip on these forum www.silverspam.net 150$ i get banned,yes they are user who are vip but maybe his police of riping is for new income users who want vip to get cash and ban them,because im not able to contact him,he do not respond,these is for other users to do not fall on these.See these rezult

After paying and whaithing days to be aproved and come vip

Transfer Confirmation
From Account U8538027 (Stres)
To Account U5138645 (Vip MemberShip)
Amount $150.00
Fee $0.00
Memo Roottest
Private Payment no

Transfer Successful

Your transfer was successful!
Date 1/7/2010 16:36
Batch 26163325
From U8538027 (Stres)
To U5138645 (Vip MemberShip)
Amount $150.00
Memo Roottest

Thank you for choosing Liberty Reserve!

I get these


and when you browse on forum you will see these


I try to contact admin writing 4 mails but nothing,im riped for that beware
if is not true please admin of silverspam see these and write back your argument
Hes name is canaan